So, I had a setback!!

First of all, I successfully passed my second evaluations. Thanks to my mentor. 🙂

The reason I didn’t blog since then is that there was not much progress. Reopening of my college and registration took up more time than expected. Adding to the trouble, my next task Setup improvements turned out be more challenging than expected. It was not suggested in the initial project enhancements collection. But I added it as I felt it is important feature and a good replacement for the other task – Filling random test data in database. Why I had to replace? That’s another story. Continue reading “So, I had a setback!!”

Weekly update

This week, there is nothing much to update. It turned out that my previous task i.e., to consolidate table sorter libraries used by phpMyAdmin is not needed. The reason being the two libraries mentioned in the task are independent of each other and do not do the same task. I am getting code reviews on my previously submitted patches. I will be working on them those patches this week and hopefully get some of them merged.

The following are the patches I submitted so far:


Configuration options for default transformations

I submitted pull request for my second task i.e., adding configuration options for default transformations. As I explained in the proposal. I thought I will have to add configuration for every transformation. But I realised not all of the transformations make use of options. So, I added configuration only for those that looked like they make use of paramaeters. I have a feeling that a better option would be to add empty arrays for those transformations that don’t make use of options because in future, the transformations may be modified to make use of parameters and they can modify these empty arrays. Anyway, I raised this question in comments on my pull request. I will act according to response. Continue reading “Configuration options for default transformations”

UI for Multi-Table query complete (almost!!)

As mentioned in my previous post, I am working on making new UI for multi-table query for phpMyAdmin. I believe I can safely say it is in good shape as of now, although code review is still pending. I have added most of the features from earlier interfaces. Some of the examples of queries which you can construct are: Continue reading “UI for Multi-Table query complete (almost!!)”