Configuration options for default transformations

I submitted pull request for my second task i.e., adding configuration options for default transformations. As I explained in the proposal. I thought I will have to add configuration for every transformation. But I realised not all of the transformations make use of options. So, I added configuration only for those that looked like they make use of paramaeters. I have a feeling that a better option would be to add empty arrays for those transformations that don’t make use of options because in future, the transformations may be modified to make use of parameters and they can modify these empty arrays. Anyway, I raised this question in comments on my pull request. I will act according to response.

I also thought I will have to add configuration options in page-wise settings and setup script separately. But, I realised any change in configuration directives reflects in both setup script and page-wise settings. Awesome!!

Screenshots of new configuration directives:



I will be moving on to my 3rd task this week – Allow designer to show other Databases. According to my plan, I will be submitting code for my 3rd task after first evaluation, but I have to start discussing design with my mentor now. I guess this puts me in a good position for my first evaluation as I submitted all required code. From now on, I will be addressing reviews on the submitted code and plan for my 3rd task.


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