Cross-DB relations in designer and other updates

I am late to update the blog this week. Sorry for that.

First, I want to talk about first evaluations whose results came out on 30th. I have successfully passed the evaluations. My mentor gave me a very postive feedback which is really motivating.

Few updates about past work: 

  • Multi-table query UI: When I submitted this patch, it had a few problems about which I notified my mentor. He helped me fix them and I believe the patch is almost ready for merge. We also decided to remove old code in a different pull request.
  • Default options for transformations: Under review. Code-review of this will probably be addressed after dealing Multi-table query UI.

Allow designer to show other Databases: This is the issue I am working on currently. I must say this is what also caused my delayed posting. Earlier this week, while meddling with some server-related stuff, I accidentally lost my repository. I was able to retain all the branches I pushed online. Since I didn’t push this one, I was unable to recover my work. Anyway, I am able to catch up after that.  Learnt a lesson to push the code as soon as I am done for the day.


Cutting to the chase, here is the screenshot:Screenshot_20170705_110220.png

So, as discussed, I added an option in designer side menu (I copied some other icon since we didn’t decide on one) which on clicking opens a dialog. You can select the db and the table you want to add. When you submit it, your new table is added. You can create relationships like any other table and the created relationships get stored. This is the basic functionality and it is done. The problem is that once the page is saved or reloaded, only the tables in current db appear back. According to the solution we decided, we need to show the tables in other db to which there are relations by default from the beginning. That should solve everything. This is not a big problem and I will fix it by the weekend.


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